As is readily apparent, I haven't been updating this site regularly.  Times have changed, the web has changed, and how we use personal websites have changed.  The entire reason most of us used to build personal websites was to have an individual, social presence on the web.  A place to share our personal interests, favorite music, photos, and just random thoughts.  Now, we have sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, and many others to serve this purpose.

Now, this does not mean I have completely given up on this site.  I am just taking a step back to re-evaluate not only the site design, but it's overall purpose as well.  The foremost purpose of this site then and now -- for me as a programmer -- is to flex my web skills and stay current on new web technologies.  Now, with the whole Web 2.0 craze, there are techniques and methods for me to be able to aggregate  my various activities around the web into a central area.  Instead of, say, posting photos here just to have to manually replicate them out to various other places manually, I am thinking I want to use this site as more of a